Freelance Finance Writer

I am a veteran financial journalist with substantial experience as writer and editor for B2B websites and print publications. I cover personal finance, investing, business and economics, and B2B topics.

My articles have been published by,, Total Securitization,, MortgageOrb, the Real Estate Connection, The Mortgage Record, Private Opportunities Club, and The Commercial Record, and other publications.

In addition to writing articles, I provide Web content, copy editing, Internet marketing, and public relations services. I’ve ghostwritten articles that have appeared in B2B publications, such as Asset Securitization Report, Broker magazine, DSNews Magazine, Mortgage Banking magazine, Mortgage Technology, MBA Tech Newslink, and others.

An Internet-savvy reporter and editor, I have certification in Internet business practices and Web technologies. I’m knowledgeable about WordPress, search engine optimization, basic Web programming languages, and social media.


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